Field Services

suffer from mobile technology headaches?

Mobile technology has transformed the way business is done in the field service industry.

Companies are increasingly using smartphones and tablets to operate more efficiently and to improve customer service.

Headaches emanate frequently when employees misplace mobile devices at the job site with sensitive data like blueprints, contracts or customer information.

While smartphones and tablets are expensive work tools – confidential customer information is invaluable. As a business, you need to protect your assets and company information.

License Lock Locate is an affordable mobile device security application that allows you to remotely lock, locate or even wipe a device when needed.

affordable mobile device security

  • Remotely
    Lock & Unlock

  • Remotely

  • Locate

  • Send

  • Easy

License Lock Locate is here to help you reduce your risk of lost devices containing sensitive information. This easy to use, web based mobile application puts security features at your fingertips without the need for a costly IT implementation.

    • Transportation
    • Technicians
    • Construction
    • Engineers
    • Landscaping
    • Insurance Agents
    • Utilities
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