Improving the customer Point of Sale (POS) experience to drive sales is a top priority for retail businesses.

One way in which retailers are improving the POS experience is by equipping sales associates with mobile ‘personnel assistants’ such as smartphones and tablets.

With personal assistants in hand, associates can quickly locate stock items, inform customers of upcoming merchandise delivery, check inventory at other locations, place an order online for delivery to the customer’s home and much more.

But these devices also create a security risk for the retailer. A lost device can provide network access to sensitive company and customer information; the solution?

License Lock Locate allows retailers to quickly neutralize a lost or stolen device. Managers can remotely lock a device presumed to be lost. If a device cannot be recovered then a wipe command can be sent to the device in an effort to try and reduce the risk of a data breach.

affordable mobile device security

  • Remotely
    Lock & Unlock
  • Remotely
  • Locate
  • Send
  • Easy

Unlike other mobile device security solutions that require intervention from an IT department, License Lock Locate is designed to be deployed and operated at the store level reducing the time to mitigate the risk of a lost device with sensitive information.

    • Supermarkets
    • Warehouse
    • Flower Shops
    • Department Store
    • Bakeries
    • Boutiques
    • Book Store
    • Restaurants
    • Car Dealerships
    • Home Centers